Upcoming Webinars

Transforming Desert Landscapes Into Functional Ecosystems

August 2022

Join us in learning about the Ecosystem Restoration Camp SEKEM Wahat during the August 2022 Soil Food Web School Webinar. Camp SEKEM Wahat is a social innovation project that integrates ecological, economic, cultural, and community life to restore arid land in the Bahariya oasis of the Egyptian Western Desert. Camp SEKEM Wahat is part of The SEKEM Group, the umbrella initiative of a group of sustainability-minded companies and non-governmental organizations. 


Kseniia Popova, Sustainable Development Project Manager at The SEKEM Group, will speak during the webinar about how Camp SEKEM Wahat was founded and developed based on the SEKEM initiative’s vision. 


Currently, the camp’s restoration activities include:

  • Tree planting

  • Seed saving

  • Compost making

  • Regenerative gardening

  • Water supply and retention

  • Renewable energy

  • Waste management


Other camp programs include:

  • Child/adult education

  • Adult vocational skills training

  • First aid and integrative medicine

  • Community building and governance

  • Artistic activities such as photography, videography, and graphic design


Ashleigh Brown, co-founder and Education Coordinator of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, will also join the webinar panel. She will speak about the new partnership between the global Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation & The Soil Food Web School.


John D. Liu, creator of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps concept, and Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of The Soil Food Web School, will be there to answer your questions with our panelists.