Upcoming Webinars

Unearth the Essential Endophytic Fungi

September 2023

In our newest webinar series, Dirty Secrets of Living Soils, we’ll be digging into the mysteries of living soils with the goal of shedding light on the knowledge, practices, and holistic strategies that transform ordinary dirt into fertile, living soil.

In Webinar 1 of this series, we will Unearth the Essential Endophytic Fungi, and delve into the mysterious world of dark septate endophytes (DSE), a fascinating yet often overlooked group of fungi that inhabit soils worldwide.

Mycologist, Sam David, will lead us through his research on DSE, mycorrhizal fungi, and the intricate dance between these organisms and their environment. Gain insights into hidden fungal-root relationships that shape every underground ecosystem.

Kyle Kaszynski will reveal some of the broader implications and exciting potential applications of endophytic fungi in the realm of regenerative agriculture. Discover how these fungi can play a pivotal role in biological farming practices and promote the regeneration of land and environmental stewardship.

As always, a Q&A with our panelists will follow the webinar.